Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bryant Grove Turkey Trail

Today, Jimmy and I made the four-mile straight hike of the Bryant Grove Trail. Snow melt made for soggy terrain, and it got so bad in one stretch that our path resembled a creek more than a trail. Still, the weather was perfect, and about three-quarters into the hike, we ran across a big flock (I know the correct term is rafter, but I prefer flock) of turkeys. In all, we counted nineteen birds. All were mature toms sporting lengthy beards, and they were headed north toward Couchville Lake like us. I took several pictures and even captured some video of the birds (see below). Just a little further down the trail, six does crossed in front of us. It was a fun trip, and seeing those turkeys up-close really made the hike.

Bryant Grove Trail

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Radnor Hike

Jimmy met up with C and me today at Radnor State Park for a quick run of the 2.5-mile Ganier Ridge loop, which we toured in just over an hour. We spotted twenty-one deer on this trip, the most we'd seen in a single outing to Radnor. Interestingly enough, only one was male—a little spike buck that was hanging out by himself.

Radnor Hike with C and Jimmy