Monday, August 25, 2008

Inaugural Post, Cynical Mumbo Jumbo, and a Purpose?

Well, here it is. The by-now, cliché opening post. You know... the one where the new blogger types in his/her hopes, dreams, goals for the blog in question. Or the one where the old blogger starts in on yet-another blog because the last five have sputtered out without any fanfare.

"Dear Blogosphere, I just can't wait to fill you in on my life and get the attention I deserve. This space will be special because it will be all about me, no matter how much it appears to be about some other topic..."

I don't know. Call me cynical. Call me private. Call me old-fashioned. But I don't like putting all of me out there. So you won't read much about my family here. You won't read about my sex life or my neuroses or my drama-filled existence. In other words, most folks should prepare to be bored silly if they bookmark this page.

Why bother? It's simple really. I have a love for the outdoors that is as profound as anything in my life. It ranks up there not far behind my family. In many ways, it is my most direct connection to my God. It satisfies my soul in ways that few other pursuits do.

So here's my little cubbyhole in my little virtual world dedicated to my outdoor pursuits--a place where I can put down some thoughts, record some journeys, and maybe pass along some information. Anything outdoorsy goes.

The rest? You'll have to hire a private investigator.

Safe journeys.

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