Friday, November 27, 2009

Long Hunter Loop

This past Wednesday, I joined Jimmy for a quick loop around the Long Hunter State Park mountain bike trail, a.k.a. the Jones Mill trail. The track was in great shape, though I couldn't really say the same for myself. Still recovering from head and chest colds, I had the wind of a three-pack-a-day Marlboro Red smoker. Nonetheless, I enjoyed getting out on a great day.

Forgot the Garmin, so I tracked with my iPhone, which didn't do too badly. Below, I show the iPhone track (3.3 miles) followed by an overlay with a Garmin track (3.4 miles) taken on a previous trip. They're not spot on, but they're close enough for government work.

Long Hunter

Map created by EveryTrail: Travel Community

Long Hunter - Combined 2

Map created by EveryTrail: Travel Community

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