Saturday, February 20, 2010

Radnor South Lake Trail

The weather was so unseasonably nice today that C and I felt compelled to get in a hike at Radnor, and since we'd never hoofed the South Lake Trail, we decided to give it a go. This approximately one-mile trail runs close to Otter Creek Road and features some nice overlooks of the lake, especially in the winter when the lakeside trees lack their foliage. In spots, the trail was still muddy and slick from recent snow melts and rain, and we had to baby-step through a few sections, but we still managed a pleasant hike. About mid-way down the trail, I pointed out a deer in the distance, and I was proud when C spotted a second deer before I did. Later, as we drove out of the park, we saw nine more deer, including a small buck, grazing in someone's front yard.

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Below is a GPS capture of our round trip--from parking lot to trail and then back along Otter Creek Road. All told, we covered a little over two miles, and as C pointed out, our path looks a lot like a dinosaur. Apatosaurus maybe?

Radnor South Lake Trail

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