Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rainy Ganier Ridge

Despite warnings of afternoon thundershowers, Mr. C and I decided on a quick trip over to Radnor Lake for a hike around the ridge. The hike started out great. We had cool weather, and right along the trailhead, we watched four deer grazing on the abundant flora. But about midway through the hike, just as we began to descend Ganier Ridge, the monsoon commenced. We had our raincoats, but they only offered up a small buffer to the downpour.

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The wet weather brought out the creepy-crawlies. I spotted the toad (above) hopping across the trail, and C saw the millipede as it scurried to find some dry ground. Below is a track of our hike captured on my Garmin 60CSx. We covered just over 2.5 miles in about an hour and twenty minutes.

Ganier Ridge in the Rain


Anonymous said...

Is Jason losing his pants?


Veronica said...

No, they were soaking wet and heavy, but he did have a belt.