Friday, June 18, 2010

Harpeth Woods Trail at Edwin Warner

Today, C and I broke our usual routine of hiking Radnor State Park and ventured a little further west to Edwin Warner Metro Park. C had already visited Warner Park Nature Center on a school field trip, so he had fun showing me around some of the exhibits before we hiked. We decided we could handle the 2.5 mile Harpeth Woods Trail, and even though we got a later start than expected, we had plenty of daylight left to finish. The trail itself was in great shape despite a landslide in one section due to the May flooding in this area.

Trip highlights included: following a pair of pileated woodpeckers down the trail for 50 yards or more, seeing the old rock quarry adjacent to the main trail, scraping a knee (unfortunately) atop the quarry, stalking two deer with "Indian feet" at the end of the hike, and spotting a rabbit beside the truck just as we were about to leave. Below are a few select pictures, a couple of links to all pictures from the hike, a link to the hiking map for Edwin Warner Park, and a GPS capture of our route.

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Harpeth Woods Trail

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Veronica said...

C was very brave to continue after hurting his knee. I'm glad you had an exiting adventure together!