Monday, October 18, 2010

Little Loop at Radnor

Weather was such that we had to get outside today, so I took C and E for a short jaunt at Radnor. We hiked a small .9-mile loop that took us from the east parking lot down the lakeside road and then into the woods and back along the Ganier Ridge connector.

Our deer count for the day was ten, though we passed a lady on the trail who'd seen 21. C spotted one on the drive in, we saw four on the trail, and then five more stood by the road as we exited the park. E looked at the trailside deer with interest but took their presence in stride. She may have thought they were big dogs. She also did some singing in the backpack (click for mp3), something that C used to do when I carried him on hikes.

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Little Loop at Radnor

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