Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anderson Road Loop

Though today's weather was rainy and gray, E told me that she wanted to go hiking with "just Papa, not my family." I think she's a little tired of getting left behind when I hike with C. So she and I changed clothes, grabbed our packs, and headed over to the one-mile, paved Anderson Road Fitness Trail next to Percy Priest. Though I've hiked part of the trail in the past, it was always with fishing in mind; before today, I had never made it to the other end, which comes out next to the recreation area's boat ramp. From there, E and I made a loop back along Anderson Road and then walked down to the water's edge for some rock throwing. All in all, we hiked around two miles under overcast skies, Piglet in tow the entire way.

Anderson Road Loop

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Anonymous said...

You are being a good daddy.