Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Two December Hikes

Long Hunter Deer Trail, December 11
In preparation for the twenty-six-mile Mega-Hike at Long Hunter, I want to explore every trail in the park before October. While I've covered anything of length at Long Hunter, I haven't hit some of the smaller trails. So on the 11th, the whole family took advantage of clear weather, and I was able to hike for the first time the one-mile "Deer Trail" next to the park office. It's a nice easy circuit that loops right by Percy Priest and the Hobson Pike bridge. This time around, a fumbled button led to no track data on the GPS, but I'll record a track next time I'm out there. Worth noting are the deer we saw grazing in the large field beyond the park office. We spotted them while driving in, and on the way out of the park, we rode down for a closer look. In all, Connor counted nineteen does.

Radnor Perimeter, December 21
Today, Jimmy and I met up on the east side of Radnor for a hike of the roughly four-and-a-half-mile perimeter. We routed clockwise, hitting the South Cove Trail before looping around the lake and catching Ganier Ridge. After having been office-bound for some time, I am in dire need of exercise, and the elevation changes were good for me. But as we climbed up to the last ridge, I was showing off the wind of a ninety-five-year-old, emphysema patient. Nonetheless, it was a good hike that featured some of the boldest deer I've seen at Radnor to date. Just off the South Cove Trail, we saw a group of six that looked ready to come and eat out of our hands. And as we were coming down the East Parking Lot Access Trail, we saw four more that were just as tame. In between, we gawked at two hawks perched low in trees at different points lakeside. I'm looking forward to getting back out there soon.

Radnor Perimeter

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