Thursday, July 9, 2009

White Bass Redux

With little sleep the past two nights, I found it tough getting back out to Percy Priest this morning, but I somehow managed. The sun was already on the rise when I paddled out from the Smith Springs launch, and at first, nothing was happening top-side. After easing over to the adjacent cove and then paddling back toward the launch, I finally spotted the tell-tale swirls and splashes.

Today's bite was shorter and more scattered, indicating that the big bait schools were dissipated. Nonetheless, I hung in there, kept paddling to spots of activity, and managed to put nine more bass on a stringer. I think part of the success came from matching the baitfish. Yesterday, I noticed that the bass were feeding on tiny silver minnows a little over an inch long. So today, I used an extra small, silver Zara Spook. After getting pummeled by white bass for over an hour, it now shows the scars of battle.

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