Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Hike at Couchville Lake

Despite a heat spell's grip on middle Tennessee, we decided that an evening family hike was in order. We considered two paved trails in the area—the loop at Anderson Road Recreation Area and the loop around Couchville Lake. Thanks to Mr. C, Couchville won out. The 2.3 mile jaunt was pleasant and featured some lessons in tree identification (many of the trees near the path are marked) as well as some deer sightings. C tested out his new CamelBak pack and found a giant snail shell. E made a lot of pokey-lip faces as she cruised along in her stroller.

Because I'd recently installed Apple's OS 4.0 on my iPhone, my old EveryTrail app wasn't working properly, and I did not see a patch available. So I took the opportunity to upgrade to EveryTrail Pro. Given how often I've linked EveryTrail to this blog, I felt good about supporting the designers with $3.99 for the upgrade. Below is a video demo found on the Everytrail site.

The hike gave me the opportunity to test out the Pro version, which offers substantially more features than the freeware. One nice characteristic is the ability to track in real time over Google maps, though I suspect this function is contingent upon a clear signal for the data stream. I'm still learning the ins and outs of the software, but I did manage to capture our hike. The track appears below, and clicking on the single waypoint (thumbtack) will pull up a picture of my peeps on the Couchville Lake bridge.

Couchville Lake (Everytrail Pro Test)

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