Monday, February 14, 2011

Quick Hike at Ganier Ridge

C and I made an impulse run over to Radnor State Park yesterday evening. Given that sunset was closing in and that the park has a new locking gate that engages soon after sunset, we made our hike a quick one—climbing up to the top of a muddy Ganier Ridge, snapping a photo, and then hiking down the same way we'd come. On the drive into the park, we saw some big bucks playing down in a clearing to our left, and I was able to get a near-visible image of one deer with my zoom on full. Later, as we left the park, we noted that sheds are coming into season. Two bucks stood just off the left side of road, and one of them had a right-side antler while the other had a left-side antler. The sight made me wonder if they'd been doing battle and lost some headgear as a result.

Ganier Ascent/Descent

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