Saturday, February 12, 2011

Two Mile Loop at Cedars of Lebanon

With a hint of spring in the air, the whole family mobilized for a hike over at Cedars of Lebanon State Park, a spot we'd never visited, but one that is close to the Nashville area. On the way to the park, we stopped at a small general grocery, picked up sandwiches, and had a picnic when we arrived at the park. It was a crowded locale that morning since a ten-mile charity run was finishing up beside the park assembly hall. After some food and playground time, we embarked on the Cedar Forest Trail, a two-mile loop that was still muddy in spots because of snow melt. The opening section of the trail felt remarkably suburban because it ran alongside a subdivision cul-de-sac, but then it angled into the woods and felt more solitary. We were sans child carrier, so E was hiking on her own for the first time. She did a good job, but I wound up carrying her the last 3/4-of-a-mile or so because of the slick trail and her tired legs. Soon, I'd like to go back and hike the five-mile Hidden Springs Trail at Cedars of Lebanon.

Cedars of Lebanon Hike

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