Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Percy Priest Rock Hopping

Yesterday, C and I headed to Long Hunter State Park to hike a portion of the Bryant Grove Trail. We planned to cover about a mile, turn around, and head back. However, with the warm sun shining on the winter-pool rocks along the lake's shoreline, we were enticed off trail and out toward the water, where we rock-hopped our way around part of Percy Priest Lake. Exploring the rocks was a lot of fun, and we found all manner of interesting things. C happened on a number of crawfish claws, presumably left by an animal that ate the other parts. We also began to notice all the fossils imprinted on the rocks—everything from moss to leaves to something that looked like a fish skeleton. And over the course of our rocky rambles, we found three nice fishing lures which I'll restore and use myself.

With my supervision, C had fun practicing his knife skills on some cedar limbs we scrounged. He's beginning to develop better touch and actually made a good fuzz stick that would work for fire building. He also brought along a Bionicle of his own creation that he named "Toa Krush," and we took a few action shots for the Lego Club website. The evening outing was a good time of hiking, exploring, playing, and talking. C said to me at one point, "Papa, this is a lot better than watching TV." Amen, son. Mission accomplished.

Percy Priest Shoreline at Long Hunter


V said...

Miss you both. Glad you had fun, and I enjoyed hearing C tell me all about his discoveries. Next time, please have him wear blue jeans though--those were his new school pants!

JL said...

The pants are fine. All that mud will wash out, I'm sure.