Friday, April 15, 2011

Springtime at Radnor

After a stressful week dealing with job matters, I finally reached a decision on Thursday—one that felt right and allowed me to breath. To celebrate, V, E, and I headed over to Radnor to walk along the lake and enjoy being outside. Clearly, spring has sprung at the park. The woods are denser with leafing trees and lush undergrowth, and a variety of blossoms have appeared in response to the warmer weather. The lake bass are on their beds, and E had fun spotting them (and trying to throw sticks at them). Other wildlife sightings included an old and sizable snapping turtle with a moss-encrusted shell, a little chipmunk darting in and out of its hole, and a couple of frogs sunning on top of an algea-covered pool.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures.